Agricultural Machinery Sales Increase

  Since April Agragex directs virtual meetings for companies that are associated with this organization. More than 20 meetings have been held with the participation of more than 70 associated companies. From Agragex, they have commented on the importance of the aforementioned meetings, since the information that comes from them is very valuable for different sectors. It has been shown that the agricultural sector is alive and dynamic since "even if we are in crisis we have to eat every day" they point out from the organization. Also, in these meetings the concern of the agricultural sector has been reflected, since there is a scarce workforce to meet the needs and more in a sector in which technological evolution is slower than in others. The reduction in tourism is also alarming, especially in a country where it is such an important sector. Speaking of machinery exports, the data has shown that, as we have mentioned before, it is a dynamic sector and that it adapts to the needs of demand. Exports, despite the health crisis, have been maintained or have increased. One of the regions that has attracted the most attention because it has had a considerable increase has been Africa. Although there is concern about what will happen in the following months, it will be necessary to continue innovating and working to maintain these figures in the future.