Aid for employment and business in Malaga

  October 8 is a key date to benefit from the aid provided by the Province of Malaga on employment and business. The first batch of aid is of about 7 million euros, of which freelancers and companies can benefit. One of the areas that companies can take advantage of is the agri-food sector and product stores. These grants are for the expenditure of goods and services and the amount of the subsidy will be around 6,000 euros per company or person. Eligible expenses will also be for individual protection and other medical supplies to be able to adapt to current socio-economic circumstances. On the other hand, the Delegation of Employment and Training, has launched different calls for an amount of 3.8 million euros, in which it is intended to help the self-employed in the province and also companies. These grants are aimed at formalizing permanent or temporary full or part-time contracts for unemployed people who have been harmed by EREs or have lost their job before March 30. The limit for these grants is until resources run out or until the November 3 deadline.