Analysis of olive oil sector

  Fernando Miranda, together with senior officials of agricultural organizations, have analyzed the situation of the olive sector, as it crosses a stagnation in prices last year being one of the campaigns with more production. It has also been recalled that specifically in 2012, it was the year in which the price of olive oil, "was below the reference price, for weeks, but this year is not expected to occur." This phenomenon is not expected to occur, since a smaller production is expected this campaign than the previous campaign. In this regard, the Secretary General has also commented that they have tools to increase the value of traditional dryland olive oil production, through designations of origin or other quality figures, since with these mechanisms there is a differentiation through other production methods. Finally, the Secretary General has explained that the work being carried out with different cooperatives is to develop a “self-regulation mechanism”, which allows cooperatives (which account for more than 60% of the total olive oil in Spain), "can store oil in a concerted manner". He has also stated that the Ministry is working on a new regulation of olive oil quality, which will be published in 2020, which will improve the traceability and quality of olive oils.