AOV Consumption in China Increases

  According to data provided by the International Olive Council (IOC), in the 2014/15 season in China, there was a consumption of more than 33,000 tons. In the 2018/19 campaign, consumption was more than 51,000 tons, which in four years increased the consumption of AOV by more than 50% in the Asian country. Likewise, in the last campaign, which was 2019/20, imports of this product increased by 15%, which is why, in percentage terms, China is placed in the TOP 3 of the most AOV importing countries. The IOC, being one of the most important bodies in the olive sector, has developed a training course on sensory analysis in the Chinese AOV industry. The course will be made up of about 70 participants and as it is an advanced course, they will have to have taken other courses previously. The course is based on offering guidance on the quality of AOV and its good practices with the IOC standards, which is aimed at members of the Chinese AOV industry, also the media and finally chefs. Likewise, there will be a presentation on the benefits of using AOV through a nutritionist.