AOV Self-Regulation Approved

  There has been a closed agreement between the European Parliament and the European Council on the transitional provisions that will govern the CAP in the future. This period includes between 2021 and 2022 and, its objective is to ensure that livestock farmers, farmers and different beneficiaries of the CAP can continue receiving aid without having a great transformation in the conditions in order to meet the needs of these individuals and also prepare for when the Strategic Plan of the future CAP enters into force, which is January 2023. Clara Aguilera, Socialist MEP has clarified that, with this agreement, they want to offer certainty and security as the first objective. Also, they want to support the AOV sector since it is one of the most important in Spain and with this they can “manage the offer that already exists in other sectors”. With this, the MEP´s want to ensure that "the CAP budget is maintained and also the creation of a crisis reserve that does not depend on cuts in direct payments." It also concludes that the figures have been pending approval, but the rest of the measures are part of the transitional period after the agreement that has been obtained with the Council under the Croatian Presidency.