Asemesa asks for negotiations with the US

  The Association of Exporters and Industrialists of Table Olives (Asemesa), has highlighted the illegality of the aid to the aeronautical company Airbus for which the US has imposed tariffs for 7.5 billion dollars. From the organization they have indicated that it is not fair that members of the association are paying very high tariffs, imposed by Brussels on the aeronautical sector declared illegal by the WTO. Also, the fact that the government has not endorsed the table olive has also angered the collective. For its part, Asemesa, has urged the government and the EU to protect farmers and the entire sector in order to combat the Covid-19 health crisis, among other challenges such as BREXIT. The lack of speed in the resolution of this conflict is putting all the work that Spanish companies have done to win that market. Because of these tariffs and the increase in prices, different countries such as Morocco, Greece or Portugal are entering this sector without tariffs. The government and the EU have to give a quick solution to this problem and thus protect the sector that has been so badly damaged in recent times.