Asia, solution for economic recovery

Asia for several years has been one of the most attractive markets for the export of different sectors from all over the world. Spain's low relationship with the Asian continent places it in a weaker position compared to other neighboring countries. In 2019, only 6.7% of Spanish exports went to the Asian continent. Enrique Fanjul, professor of the Master of International Relations at CEU San Pablo University, analyzes the blog of the Elcano Royal Institute. The professor emphasizes that there are not only geographical differences between continents, but also cultural ones. There is always a space for optimism and although, as we have mentioned before, there is little relationship between Spain and Asia, in the last decade there has been a notable evolution in exports that went from 1986 million in 2009 to 6800 million in 2019. Likewise, the professor also refers to a “necessary effort in institutional relations”. Spain needs a lot of work to be recognized for the quality of companies and their products in the Asian continent, but we know that there is a great deal of room for improvement that, by means of an appropriate strategy, Spain can benefit from and thereby contribute to economic recovery that we need so much.