Castilla La Mancha maintains its forecast

  Members of the Oil Sector of Coop. Agro-alimentary of CLM (Castilla La Mancha), met to talk about the market of this region and to be able to assess the forecasts that were made previously. In this forum, the national market was also discussed and a consensus was reached in which the world harvest will not exceed the total consumer demand, since it is estimated at 3.15 million tons, with production of 3 million tons. In this sense, Spain plays a fundamental role as the main producer and, in some cases, the main world exporter. Castilla La Mancha, in these months, is immersed in the olive oil production campaign, which due to a dry summer and high temperatures, there has been a month and a half advance. Within the sector, forecasts have not changed and it is still estimated at 125,000 tons of oil, in which it ranks as the second producing community in the country, (Andalusia being the one that occupies the first place) with a total production of 1.4 million tons in all Spain. On the other hand, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced a Sectorial Support Program for the Spanish Olive Grove, in which it stands out for the possibility of making public aid of more than 100 million euros per year to restructure the traditional olive grove, which greatly benefits measures to the region because of the large amount of traditional olive groves, or aid to the advance of harvest among others.