D.ESPI Transfer Pump

  As usual in this blog, we not only talk about day-to-day news that arise in the agricultural world, we also try to give additional information about our machines to our readers. The D.ESPI Transfer Pump is composed of a stainless steel function body in which it contains an inner rotor (also in stainless steel), with movable vanes (the movable inner vanes are made of different products depending on the product that is going to be transported by the machine). The aforementioned pallets are those that drive the material from its admission to the exit. As main advantages, this is a very compact pumping system in which the transport of the product is very comfortable. Also, thanks to its lightness, it is a machine easily transportable by its car with wheels. Other advantages that this pumping system has, is that it incorporates an inverter switch which allows a reversible flow of the material. From the D.ESPI family, we are very proud to have built a machine with an enviable appearance, thanks to the stainless steel body and also to the efficient transport of the material. As we can see on its page on our website, this product is designed to transport different products of around 40% humidity. The Transfer Pump D.ESPI, for now, we manufacture it with a production of around 30,000 L / H.   Here below I will leave the link that refers to your page on our WEB as we had said before. https://talleresespi.com/en/products/transfer-pump I will also leave the link to Contact if you want to expand the information. https://talleresespi.com/en/contact