Drop in EVOO production in Italy due to COVID-19

  The Italian association of Industrial Oleicola (ASSITOL) has made estimates of what could be the production of the 2020/21 campaign and it has not been very encouraging. According to these estimates, Italian production will be around 250,000 tons. Puglia, "the olive grove of Italy", will reduce its production like other parts of the southern territory. On the contrary, in the center and north there will be regions that will grow such as Tuscany, Romagna, and Garda. Regarding the southern European regions, Greece, Portugal and Tunisia will have a production of 210,000, 125,000 and 150,000 tons respectively. Spanish EVOO production stands at 1,600,000 tons, ranking well above EVOO production compared to its neighboring countries. Anna Cane, president of ASSITOL, has indicated that the decrease in EVOO production in southern Italy will have a “significant impact” on total production, but that thanks to the moderation of the climate, the “olive fly will be reduced And with it there will be a higher quality. She has also emphasized the innovation of the Italian olive grove, since "an urgent renewal and expansion is needed to increase the production of olive oil which in some areas barely exceeds 350,000 tons". Finally, she also spoke about the challenge posed by the pandemic and the difficulties there has been in finding a workforce. Likewise, domestic consumption and exports have been key in continuing to create value within the global health crisis.