End of confinement

  TALLERES ESPÍ SERRANO, S.L. In order to guarantee the operation and maintenance of our machines, on Monday, April 27, we have resumed activity after more than a month of confinement and minimal services. After Spain has gone through the worst of this health crisis, we have been forced to return in order to able to meet the needs of our customers. TALLERES ESPÍ SERRANO, S.L., complies with all security measures for both clients and workers, providing the latter with all the necessary material to carry out work with maximum security. We would also like to appeal to the individual responsibility of society, in order to overcome the health crisis that we find ourselves in these days and thus return to normality as soon as possible. Finally, from the direction of TALLERES ESPÍ SERRANO, SL, we want to thank all the people who have made this recovery possible and who have been on the front line working to satisfy the needs of society, without forgetting that the road is long and that we must continue fighting this virus. Espí Serrano Family