EVOO, also for cooking

Many studies have shown that EVOO has innumerable positive health effects, but on very few occasions, there have been studies on the benefits of EVOO when used for cooking. A study published in the journal "Antioxidants" developed by the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences of the University of Barcelona in collaboration with the University of Sao Paulo, has discovered that EVOO maintains healthy antioxidant levels when used to Cook. In the study, the researchers have developed a simulation of cooking with EVOO in different scenarios which have been, long and short times,  and also at different temperatures of 120º and 170º C. The results have been surprising since the content of polyphenol (compounds of natural origin with healthy effects), decreased by 40% at 120º and 75% at 170º, comparing it with crude oil. Julián Lozano (first signatory of the publication), stressed that “despite the decrease in the concentration of polyphenols during cooking, this oil has a level of polyphenols that reaches the health claim in accordance with European regulations, which implies that it has properties that protect LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation”. Surely, in the near future, studies will continue to emerge that continue to support the use of EVOO both raw and cooked. Below is the link to the full story: https://www.mercacei.com/noticia/52229/actualidad/el-aove-tambien-mantiene-las-propiedades-saludables-cuando-se-usa-para-cocinar.html