EVOO to prevent type 2 diabetes

  The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), have been working on an EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) that prevents type two diabetes. The CSIC has developed a study in which 176 people in prediabetic state have participated, (people with altered basal glucose and impaired glucose tolerance), they came from 20 different primary care centers belonging to the public health system of Andalusia. The duration of the study has been 30 months in which different individuals have been followed divided into two groups in which one had a diet with normal EVOO and the other group with a diet with "functional oleanolic acid" EVOO. One of the conclusions was that the individuals of the second group mentioned above in which they consumed modified EVOO tended to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by more than 50% compared to individuals who consumed the normal unmodified EVOO. Also, there have been cases in which, depending on the individual who consumed modified EVOO, they have had other positive impacts such as improvements in their cardiovascular or renal systems. We knew about the benefits that EVOO had on people's health and how important the Mediterranean diet is in which its essential fat is EVOO, but thanks to the research we know even more benefits that are being extracted. We are glad that research on EVOO continues and that every day there are new studies that verify new benefits of EVOO in people. The whole news article in the link below. https://www.olimerca.com/noticiadet/el-csic-desarrolla-un-nuevo-aove-para-prevenir-la-diabetes/81bcc3d0f7f82da994aa179052dd9851