EVOO prices remain

  Immersed fully in the health crisis we are currently experiencing, it has been possible to observe differences regarding the prices of different products. In this case, we will focus on Olive Oil, since, although its derivatives have maintained prices, EVOO (which we will call it from now on), has increased slightly compared to previous weeks.   As we can see in the graph, we have three types of olive oil, Lampante Olive Oil (AOL), Virgin (AOV) and Extra Virgin (EVOO). First, we have the AOL which has been maintained s table price for the last few weeks and in which from week 12 to 13 it has suffered a decrease, standing at € 1.73 / kg, the lowest level of the sample under study that comprises from week 6 to 13. Second, we have the AOV which has had more variation within the weeks we are studying. The price has changed from the minimum that was located in week 9 at a price of € 1.81 / kg to its highest price, which is located at week 13 at a price of € 1.95 / kg. Finally, we have EVOO, which is the one with the least variation within all the weeks we have studied. The lowest price is at week 6 which was € 2.12 / kg. The highest price is in the last week under study, specifically week 13, which was € 2.19 / kg. The slight, although important, rise in some prices of EVOO and derivatives, may be explained by food spending, since it has increased by COVID-19. The olive sector also deserved a break from the prices so low that it led to losses on the part of the farmers and oil mills in the sector. It will be necessary to see how prices continue to fluctuate thanks to the confinement in which we are involved.