EVOO Success in Vietnam

  Over the years, sales of imported olive oil in Vietnam has grown from 10 to 12%, most of which comes from Spain and Italy. Oils with low prices, such as pomace oil, are having the most sales trying to compete directly with olive virgin oils. In recent years, olive virgin oils have also tried to take more prominence and distinct themselves as quality products, placing themselves on higher shelves so that they have more visibility. Virgin olive oils also tend to be sold more in large cities, which is where there is the highest purchasing power is found. This article also reflects the problems of distribution and modernization in most of the channels. Barriers to entry are almost nil, since Vietnam and the European Union signed the Free Trade Agreement. The average tariff for olive oil is 3.75% at present and in the coming years it will be around 0%. Also, Vietnamese society values ​​healthy food, another advantage for virgin olive oils. Also, the advantages that arise in the medium-long term is that purchasing power is increasing and also the improvement and modernization of distribution, making olive oil available in areas which are not possible today.