Expoliva 2021

  After a long wait, it has been confirmed that Expoliva 2021 will go ahead despite the pandemic we are going through. It has been confirmed that the celebration date will be from September 21 to 25, 2021. May was the month in which every two years it had always been celebrated. We believe that it was a wise decision rather than canceling it. From D.ESPI, we want to confirm our attendance to continue being able to reach our clients as we have been doing for so many years. Likewise, we consider that this fair is a tradition within the olive sector and the fact that it can still be held despite everything that has been going on, shows our ability to adapt to any environment. The organization has communicated that in order for the fair to develop normally, the main measure that has been taken has been to extend the fair one more day and also control the capacity by time slots. From D.ESPI, we call for individual responsibility to be able to celebrate the traditional Expoliva fair and not have to assume additional risks. With this, we want you to take care of yourselves and… SEE YOU IN EXPOLIVA !! Stay safe in the meantime.