Fats World Consumption and Per Capita

  A study carried out in the Masters degree in Olive Groves and Olive Oil at the UJA (University of Jaén), analyzes the value chain in the production of oils and fats from all over the world, which consumes a total of 248 million tons of oils and fats, both vegetable and animal. If we look at the distribution of the consumption of these fats, we see that olive oil is much lower than other competitors. Leading consumption is palm oil with a consumption of 29%, followed by soybean oil with 22% and to close the podium, we have rapeseed oil with 11%. To find olive oil you have to go down a few more places, since it represents 1.25% of world consumption. Also, in this study, consumption is distributed in processing for food or for industrial use, which are allocated 80% and 20% respectively. In the case of food, the majority are used for the creation of third products. On the contrary, in the case of the industrial sector, it is used for the creation of bioenergy products, drugs, biotechnology, etc ... One of the first conclusions we can draw is that price can be a drag for EVOO when it is used in the creation of products. That is why cheaper (and lower quality) substitutes are chosen for manufacturing, ultimately harming citizens.