Flowering of the olive tree will come forward

  This year an advance of the flowering of the olive tree is expected this spring. According to the University of Jaén (UJA), which is the one that continuously monitors pollen levels, it has checked very high pollen concentrations between February and March, so it is estimated that it could be carried out 15-20 days with compared to other years. One of the UJA researchers, Luis Ruiz Valenzuela, comments that "normally, the period of maximum intensity is in early May and this year it may continue until the end of April." The study of the advances of the flowering, are made with the forecasts of the present climatology, reason why the researcher also comments that "it is difficult to make predictions of the moment in which the plants are in flowering". Also, the researcher refers to the fact that "this year's olive tree pollen season will behave like that of 2017, which was more intense than normal in terms of concentrations, leading to more early flowering." In short, although all the indications tell us that there will be an advance in flowering, we will have to wait for the weather to help contrast the hypotheses that come to us from the University of Jaén.