History d.ESPI

  The beginnings are always hard and when there is a move in between, more. And this is what often happens, we tend to look for something better when we face difficult times. That was what happened there in 1928, when Don Desiderio Espí Semper decided to undertake a trip without return to a place where there were more opportunities. When the effort is constant, the opportunities come ... and they came to this traveler, who built anything that the people around might need. But as in everything, things change over time and with that there was a logical specialization since the wine sector abounded in the region. The second generation continued with the commitment to continue innovating in this complex sector that, a generation later, had to set aside to look for new horizons in which to develop. It was hard since life does not always come face to face and it makes us difficult to overcome. This generation did not move, but it did have great changes, such as a new specialization, leaving aside the wine sector and entering the olive sector through the back door. This trip was undertaken by Don Desiderio Espí Martínez, who with all his effort, put d.ESPI in what it is today and created the foundations of what will be d.ESPI in the future. Thanks to these previous generations for teaching us the value of the effort to overcome adversities by working, striving, having humility and dedication, which is what defined us from that move to the piston pump.