Italy: Reduction of the olive harvest.

  The initial data on the olive harvest are disappointing compared to the 2019 campaign, as it is shaping up to be a reduction in production. The Institute of the Service for the Agricultural Food Market (ISMEA) has renewed the forecasts for the 2020/21 campaign, the production is reduced by 30%. In the Central - North part of Italy, the forecasts are more optimistic as there are increases for example in Tuscany with 31%, 8% in Lazio and 70% in Umbria, among others. In short, there is a considerable reduction in production, but high quality is expected thanks to a large flowering and favorable climatic conditions. Below is a table with the production of some of the cities and its variation with the previous season:         TONS VAR.%20/19 PIEDMONT 4 50% TUSCANY 13.010 31% SICILY 29.200 -15% CALABRIA 32.005 -38% SOURCE: OWN PREPARATION WITH DATA PROVIDED BY ISMEA   If you also want to complete the table with more cities, do not hesitate to visit the web: