Last Week Prices Olive Oil

  In this entry you will see the prices of the last week of January 2019, to see how the prices have varied.  * Own elaboration with POOLRed data. Looking at the prices of the last week of January, it can be seen that there has been more price volatility than in the previous entry, when prices were also analyzed. In that week the prices of the week from December 27 to January 2 were analyzed. EVOO prices in the week under study, there has been a volatility between € 2,632.01 / t which is January 31, which is the lowest level of the whole week, to € 2,763.12 / t which It happens on January 30. The variation, in this case, has been more than € 120 / t, which in a matter of a week, is an important variation. In the case of AOV, prices have remained more constant than the price of EVOO. As can be seen in the graph, the lowest level of the whole week on January 28, but on the contrary the highest level of the AOV price is on January 31. From the lowest level to the highest level it has varied less than € 50 / t, so it does not represent a large decline. Finally, we have the AOL, which has also remained, to a large extent, constant this week under study. The lowest level this week was January 28 and 29 with € 2120.25 / t and the highest level was January 30 and 31 with € 2,198.14 / t. In this case the variation has been more than € 70 / t and in this case it has been interesting, since only with a day of difference has it varied so much. In conclusion, there is production that has not yet finished grinding, so there will be more oil on the market although I believe that prices will not vary greatly. In any case, it will be necessary to wait for the closing of the campaign to see how much product has been extracted, and also, how that price acts on the demand of consumers.