Manufacturer's Brands and the survival of rural Spain

  Manufacturer's Brands have played a fundamental role in helping rural Spain continue to be active over the years. The establishment of its factories has been very important to ensure income and contribute to the creation of employment in the "Empty Spain" which has always been adversely affected. Promarca (a group of leading manufacturers in food, beverages, personal care and drugstore in Spain), has highlighted the importance of these companies to address COVID-19 in an exemplary way. The fact that this type of company has made investments in these towns has created an emotional bond between the workers and the families themselves, since these people are the main consumers of the products they manufacture. Likewise, the fact that these large brands land in rural Spain is also beneficial for local companies due to the large influx of people that there may be. Ignacio Larracoechea, president of Promarca, has remarked that the bets of these great brands come from a great job done long ago, “but it is in critical moments such as the current one where the work and support of the most disadvantaged areas is valued”. Hopefully, thanks to these great brands, a solution can be found to this depopulation problem.