May 29 concentration.

  On May 29, the agricultural organizations Asaja, COAG and UPA, gathered more than 5000 olive growers against the prices of olive oil. The concentration took place in Jaén at 11 am in the Plaza de las Batallas de Jaén in which, the first results have not been expected. The average price per kilo has risen above 2 euros in the week after the concentration and also, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced that it will have a meeting in Brussels to regulate the sector. This action by the aforementioned organizations has had the support of political parties and other social groups in solidarity with the sector. As for the Olive Oil sector, it aims to curb the downward trend in the price of oil so that neither the farmers nor the producers suffer the consequences and also with that there is stability in the market. In this sense, the olive harvest must also be taken into account in the next campaign, since, although the harvest is expected to be lower than that of the current campaign. Due to the delay of the current campaign and also due to the lack of rainfall, it follows that there is a contraction in production. In any case, it is still too early to make hasty conclusions and we will have to wait until the flowering process and the subsequent setting is completed.