May, Big Sale of Oil

  The Food Information and Control Agency (AICA) published the data on commercial exits for May, which have been more than 130,000 tons. Of the total of these tons, 88,000 tons have been destined for export and the rest, about 42,000 tons, have been sold in the domestic market. With this data we observe a prolongation of sales without appreciating a deterioration due to the health crisis. The same organization has provided the accumulated total data that stands at more than 1,000,000 tons throughout the campaign. From ASAJA - Jaén they have considered that the data is great news for the sector and they have also estimated that, by the end of September, the stock will be close to 500,000 tons. Cristóbal Cano, the national person in charge of the Olive Oil and UPA Sector, has emphasized that in the first three quarters of the campaign almost all the oil that was produced last year has been marketed, which is why he also highlights the strength of the olive sector. He also wanted to appeal to citizens to bet on quality Spanish oil so that there is a consolidation of the Spanish product.