Measures against commercial war

  Spain, when we speak about exports and especially agricultural exports, has two important problems, like BREXIT and taxes imposed by the Trump administration. The Andalusian government and central government are working to mitigate these problems. The government of Spain is looking at different options to counteract the problem that will cause ¨Trump¨ taxes, and one possible option is a “line of financing at no cost that will serve as a guarantee for affected producers” explained by Carmen Crespo, counselor of farming. Also, the counselor has urged the central government to press Brussels more significantly to take into account how it affects Spanish agriculture, so that the European Union reaches a negotiated exit with TRUMP. In the case of BREXIT, the Andalusian government has launched more than a hundred measures to act jointly and responsibly with all the competent government agencies. Among these measures is a “fund to support Andalusian companies and products that may be affected by BREXIT and does not affect the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)”. We hope, therefore, that the impacts that these fronts may have can be studied well in order to alleviate the problem. We also hope that there is an agreed BREXIT and that an agreement is reached between the European Union and Trump, in order to face the possible crisis that may be upon us.