Mediterranean Diet against COVID-19

  On March 2, a conference was held in which the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the University of Navarra talked about how, by following a Mediterranean diet, you can get less COVID-19. In the SUN study (Navarra University Follow-up), in which 9000 participants are followed who have been evaluated since 1999 for their measures in their diet. It has been shown that following a Mediterranean diet once has a lower risk of becoming infected with COVID. Also, there have been other studies (which have been published in the European Heart Journal), which have shown that people who follow this diet have molecules in their blood that help predict the risk of heart attack or stroke. Obesity, which is also one of the factors that can increase the risk of COVID-19, is a serious problem to solve. The world population has gone from being 100 million obese in the 1970s to 700 million today. At the conference, the professor of Public Health at the University of Navarra, made a reference to the United States because it is infamous for obesity. 1 in 4 people in the US suffer from severe obesity and in 2030 it is expected that in some areas of the country it will increase to 60%. Ultimately, the Mediterranean diet contributes to improving overall health, reducing obesity and therefore contributes to limiting the risk of COVID-19 and cardiovascular diseases.