Monthly price evolution Olive Oil

  In this post we are going to comment, how the prices of different qualities of olive oil have evolved from February to December in the case of 2018, and in January, in the case of 2019. * Own elaboration with POOLRed data.  The prices of the different qualities of January 2018 will be compared (you can read the data in the entry “Prices Olive Oil”), with the prices of January, but in this case, 2019. In the case of EVOO a great difference can be observed since, in January 2018, the price stood at € 3,656.63 / t, and in 2019 it stood at € 2,700.13 / t. In this extra virgin olive oil, the variation in January of the different years already mentioned above, stands at more than € 950 / t. The case of AOV is the same, but with even more difference between January 2018/19, reaching more than € 1100 / t. Finally, the same applies to the AOL, since in 2018 it stood at € 3,397.55 / t, and in 2019, € 2,167.02 / t. which puts the difference at more than € 1,200 / t. One of the first conclusions that we can draw (and knowing that the 2018/19 campaign has a great production), is that prices are lower due to the excess supply in this market, in each of the different qualities. Also, for the rest of the year it will be compared when time passes, but the trend will be similar to that of 2018, but with the lowest prices (as it has been found in January 2018 and 2019). It will also have to take into account the worldwide decline (except Spain), of olive oil production, to really see what impact there will be on the total market. Anyway, we will have to wait for the campaign to end in order to make the different assessments.