New quality standard for EVOO

  The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food wants to approve a new standard on the quality of EVOO and pomace oil. The administration has been working on this project for more than a year. What this new standard does is to differentiate the quality system from other seed oils and thereby improve production and self-control systems and adapt to EU packaging and labeling standards. It also simplifies the elimination of hygienic - sanitary aspects that are developed in community regulations. In order to avoid fraud in these products, this standard establishes different obligations for the operators of these products, such as in production facilities, accompanying documents and product traceability. It is obliged to have a traceability system that allows the product to be located at all stages of production. The aim is to promote the quality of the products and thereby improve the confidence of the final consumer, thereby empowering the products within the market with different substitute products. The following link establishes different points of its prohibited practices, as well as extensive information on this case.