New Varieties of Organic Farming

  A study has been developed by several organizations, including IFAPA (Research and Agricultural and Fisheries Training, of the Junta de Andalucía), since it has one of the largest reservoirs of olive tree biodiversity in the world. The objective has been from the beginning to use the biodiversity of the crop to determine new varieties adapted to organic farming. The study consists of carrying out a trial plantation of different traditional varieties in the municipality of Castro del Río in Córdoba. In the trial, they have managed to comply with the norms of organic farming and the hedgerow cultivation system has been used, so that there can be a more efficient harvesting. The result of this study was to find crop varieties with exceptional agronomic characteristics when they are grown in the organic system, but that offer different nuances that are attractive to the EVOO market. Also important to mention is that this study falls within the new strategy of the European Union "Green Pact", to provide a sustainable economy, efficient use of resources, restore biodiversity and reduce pollution.