Norway: gourmet EVOO

  In this post we are going to talk about a study developed by ICEX in which it focuses on Spanish exports of EVOO in Norway. It should be noted that this organization has focused on three factors when conducting the analysis: Population size and structure, per capita level and evolution in consumption trends. The amount that this country imports EVOO in 2000 was between 4 and 5 million liters. In 2000 they imported 5 million liters of sunflower oil, a natural substitute of EVOO but in 2018, they imported 147 million. Here we can observe the potential of the market for these fats and the growth that may occur for EVOO consumption. Putting monetary value on EVOO imports in Norway, in 2017 there was a historical maximum in which more than 11 million euros were purchased, in 2019 it was slightly reduced to more than 9 million euros . The most important exporters are Italy with more than 42% of the total exported value in 2019. Spain ranks second with 24.3% although closely followed by Greece with 23.7%. It should also be noted that the ICEX has indicated that Italy carries out a process of exporting the oil that it buys in Spain, since in the EVOO distributors it is reflected that it is EVOO of Spanish origin.