NutriScore and EVOO

  NutriScore is a tool used to assess certain foods. NutriScore distributes each product in a scale of five colors and letters in order to make it easier for consumers to understand the nutritional properties of foods. As we have seen weeks ago in different products there have been measurement problems, since they have been considered healthy and therefore they have been given the highest grade "A", but that ultimately are not healthy and other products such as EVOO are considered unhealthy. The problem resides in that the measurement of this table is made on the consumption of 100gr, so the consumption of EVOO is basically fat (since nobody consumes 100gr of EVOO) and for example, a soft drink in those 100gr has hardly any sugar. One of the solutions that are being considered is that the EVOO is not qualified by this measurement, so if it were so, it could have problems for its sale, since much of the sale of EVOO is based on how healthy it is. Also EVOO is very linked to the Mediterranean diet, as we have shown in this blog several times, this diet falsely so would not be considered as healthy We will wait for what is decided by the Ministry of Consumption to tackle this problem and not harm the sale of any product.