Oil bottled in April

  According to the Food Information and Control Agency (AICA), it has reported data on sales of bottled olive oil. In this data we have seen that in April more than 121,000 tons of bottled olive oil were destined for sale, of which 65.95%, representing about 80,000 tons, went to exports and 34.05% remaining representing more than 41,000 tons, went to the domestic market. At this stage of the year, the accumulated production represents 38% less than the previous season, up to more than 1,100,000 tons. The forecasts that Asaja estimates for the end of the campaign is be about 500,000 tons of olive oil stock, a figure that is considered good to link with the next campaign. The Secretary General of UPA Jaén, has indicated that it is strange that since there is a lower supply and a higher demand for the product in question, the price of origin continues to fall until reaching around 13% compared to the previous campaign. It also indicates that it may be due to a “serious disturbance in the market”, which is why he himself urges a solution through self-regulatory mechanisms.