The Olive Bone

  Today's entry will be dedicated to a very important product in relation to the olive. This product is the olive bone, which, the benefit of this byproduct has always been related to biodiesel. This by-product has also been used to create products that prevent hypertension or cholesterol, as it has a positive impact on the health of individuals. Another recent study in which the olive bone has been related to the manufacture of mortars (mixture of various construction materials). In this study, 28 tests have been carried out in which a percentage of olive bone from 0 to 100% has been used as a substitute for sand. The results that have been obtained indicate that the “mechanical properties” have diminished, but on the contrary the “thermal conductivity and density” have improved, so that these mortars made with olive bone are lighter. The study has been developed in the UJA (University of Jaén) in the Master of Olive and Olive Oil. Its author has been Bartolomé Lara Cledera under the supervision of doctors María Dolores La Rubia García and Dolores Eliche Quesada, which belong to the Department of Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering. In this sense, during the last years and always being at the forefront in the creation of really competitive machines, d.ESPI has developed a boning machine that is a worldwide reference. With a stainless steel body both the outer part (doors, hopper ...), and the inner part (sieve, blades ...). Thanks to the high precision of the machine, the olive bone is very clean and very dry for the subsequent use of the by-product. In short, a machine developed exclusively by great professionals to make our customers better.