Olive dough pumps: Photos

  In this week's post, as we did in the previous post, we are going to share some photographs of D.ESPI mass bombs, specifically a MI-200 and a DMI-300. These machines are based on transporting the olive mass (and other products). There are two types of machine, the MI-200 mass pump that is of simple effect, so the machine in one movement loads the product and in another movement unloads that product. In the case of the DMI-300 Mass Pump which is of double effect, a machine that loads and unloads at the same time. This last machine is oriented to large quantities of product.   Simple Effect Mass Pump MI-200 D.ESPI   Double Effect Mass Pump DMI-300 D.ESPI   Below I will leave the links where it will lead you to see these two machines and get more information. https://talleresespi.com/en/products/pump-piston-simple-effect https://talleresespi.com/en/products/piston-pump-double-effect Please contact us if you have any questions.