Olive Oil Prices

  In this blog post, the prices of 2018 will be analyzed divided by months on a chart and a chart with the prices of the last week will also be commented. * Own elaboration with POOLRed data.   Firstly, there is a graph with the average prices for all the months of the year 2018. A considerable decrease in the prices of both EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), AOV (Virgin Olive Oil) and AOL (Lampante Olive Oil) can be observed , since January, which is where the maximum quotation price is € 3,656.63 / t EVOO, € 3,521.01 / t AOV and € 3,397.55 / t AOL. The annual minimum is for EVOO in October with € 2,665.76 / t and for AOV and AOL in May with € 2,361.97 / t and € 2,226.91 / t respectively. This decrease may be due to the months in which the oil is produced and therefore there is a lot of production compared to the other months of the year. As of May, it is observed that prices vary, but that there are no major price changes, so we can say that they remain constant over time. * Own elaboration with POOLRed data.   In the case of the one-week prices, the prices have not changed much in this last week having its maximum for EVOO on 12/27/2018 with 2,709.57 € / t and the minimum in this product on 28-29- 12/29/2018 with € 2,629.74 / t. For the AOV, it has remained constant in the last week having a variation of 20 euros from € 2,409.47 / t to € 2,429.88 / t. And finally, there is AOL in which the minimum in this last week is 2/1/19 with € 2,205.22 / t and the maximum is € 2,348.72 / t. In this case and with such a short period of time, it is difficult to draw conclusions, but in this case where prices are so low, it may be due to the high amount of production in this campaign.