Olive Oil - Spain

  Spain has always been related to the Mediterranean diet and therefore also with olive oil. Spain is the most important country in terms of olive oil production since, it accounts for more than half of the world production according to ASAJA data from 2018. In an article related to Spain´s national Brand and olive oil, Dr. José María Cubillo, who is the CEO of MESIAS - Intelligence of Spain´s Brand, talks about “how the Spanish brand of olive oil companies can influence international markets”. In a world in which competition is fierce due to the fact that it is so globalized, brands compete to position themselves with respect to other companies, so they try to find a “differentiation, quality and excellence that are key to conquering the demanding consumer”, comments the General Director of MESIA. Also, in this article he comments that “the Spanish olive grove is part of the cultural heritage and of the Spanish culture itself”, that is why there is direct relationship between olive oil or olive grove and the Spain brand. The relationship has contributed to the creation of a lifestyle and a custom of Spain, for example we can see with the gastronomic culture in Spain and with the very important Mediterranean diet within it. The full interview can be read in number 178 of Oleo Magazine. I will also leave a link to the related article. https://www.oleorevista.com/?p=380463