Olive sector concentrations

  As we can lately see in the agricultural world, there have been different manifestations scheduled in different parts of Spain. The olive sector has also joined this initiative with the objective of “involving society in defense of the Olive Oil sector” because of the low prices. Different organizations have defended these measures such as Asaja, COAG and UPA in which they will take place in different parts of Spain on February 24, 2020 between 10 am and 12 pm. Also, large corporations join these initiatives, such as DCOOP, which will initially close their facilities in Malaga on February 13, in order to challenge such low prices in the sector. Asociación de Almazaras Industriales of Córdoba have also reported that they will join the protests because of the low prices in the olive sector, as we said before. Hopefully, through dialogue a conclusion and an understanding between all the parties present can be reached, in order to find the best solution for everyone and thus be able to face different problems that may arise. Below we will leave the full article: https://www.mercacei.com/noticia/52125/actualidad/el-sector-olivarero-llama-a-toda-la-provincia-de-jaen-a-concentrarse-el-24-de-febrero.html