Pomace Oil Decreases Obesity in Mice

  Researchers from the University of Seville, in collaboration with the International University of Catalonia, have published a study that focuses on reducing obesity and the vascular and inflammatory complications of obese mice. The study was carried out comparing, for more than two months, the effect of two types of diets in mice. The first, a diet high in saturated fat and the other with the same caloric intake, but with olive-pomace oil. Ultimately, a significant decrease in the weight of the mouse was observed (about 30%), fed with the first diet, the diet that contained olive-pomace oil. They study also reflects that "not only a decrease in body weight of these obese animals was observed, but also decreases in body fat (what we call adipose tissue), liver inflammation, improved insulin resistance and vascular dysfunction", explains researcher Carmen María Claro, from the University of Seville. From this trial, one can collect very important information to then be able to apply these trials to people and be able to do controlled trials to see how it affects our health. So, we continue to see new studies, based on olive oil that, in the first instance, continues to improve health (pending the clinical trial with people) and seeing how important the impact of the Mediterranean diet is on our health.