Prices Olive Oil Mar 2018 - Feb 2019

  These are the prices that, with respect to the last entry of the monthly evolution made in this blog, the month of February has been added.   As can be seen throughout the twelve months under study, it can be stated that the trend of the three products has a negative trend. And it is that the price has been in decline except for some rebound as it could have been in the month of July and also in the month of November. Even so, the difference in prices from one year to the next must be taken into account. In March 2018, the price of EVOO is € 3,142.52, well above February 2019 in which the price is € 2,601.81. The other two products that are AOV and AOL, in March 2018 are at € 2,896.27 and € 2,724.04, respectively, compared to February 2019, in which the prices of those products are at 2,288, € 89 and € 2,111.68 respectively. As it has been said before, prices have a negative trend, and since November - December, they have not recovered since the great harvest of this year has made prices stay low. Anyway, we must be attentive for the future, since short-term rainfall, in the face of the next campaign, can make the price of products rise.