Raise the Spanish agricultural exports

Analyzing the agricultural Spanish outside market, we can observe a big increase in their exports. With respect to the study period between January and July, we have an increase more tan 8% if we compare with 2018, having 1.431 millions of euros in 2018 to 1554 millions of euros in 2018 (Source: AGRAGEX). Studying a specific way where there were the exports, we can say that the African continent with 26% more than 2018, has increased the value of its exports to 337 millions of euros which could be due to Egypt´s economic recovery. In 2018 Egypt´s  imports were 18 million euros and 2019 more than 90 million euros. Another example is the increase of Great Britain´s and Germany´s exports, which grew more than 13% and 11% of 2018 respectively. This is interesting because Great Britains and Germany´s political scene is highly uncertain taking into account BREXIT and economic slowdown. However, not all things are good news, as for the Asian market, Spanish agricultural exports were decreased, specifically in China with a decrease of more than 22% and Japan with more than 24% respect of 2018. AGRAGEX has pointed out that there is a great “recognition and prestige” for the Spanish agricultural sector compared to other markets and that they are confident about the growing trend and it could produce better results than 2018.