Self-regulation in Olive Oil

  In the last council of ministers, they decided (among other things) to apply article 167 bis of the Common Organization of the Agricultural Markets of the European Union. This application has been possible thanks to the approval of a regulation that extends a mechanism such as the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) that was requested by Spain in the wine and EVOO sectors. With this, this article allows the self-regulation of the crop whose production meets the phenomenon of high production campaigns alternated with other lower yield productions. Likewise, this Royal Decree will allow the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, to be able to determine a temporary withdrawal of a product for the operators of the sector, provided that it has been consulted with the representatives of the same. With this, it is intended to recover prices by farmers and also that there is less volatility among prices of the products. The measures of the roadmap are based on three main axes: 1) favor the adjustment of supply and demand; 2) improve traceability, consumer information and market segmentation; 3) take advantage of the mechanisms of the new agricultural policy of the EU.