Strength in world sales of olive oil in May

  The International Olive Council (IOC) has presented the world sales data for olive oil and olive-pomace oil for the first months of the last campaign. The data has been very positive in general, with the exception of Australia and the USA, which decreased by 3% and 1% respectively, compared to the previous year. Brazil with 23% and Russia and Canada with 13% have been the countries that have had the most imports of olive oil and olive-pomace oil. In the case of trade in table olives, Brazil and Canada have grown the most with 10% and 8% respectively. Also, acquisitions among the countries of the European Union have increased by 4% and imports have decreased by 2%. Regarding the price of extra virgin olive oil at origin, in the month of May, prices have remained still in recent months, but if compared to the previous season they have decreased by around 12%, standing at around at € 2 / kg, the same as our neighboring country Greece. In the case of Italy, prices have decreased by 44% compared to the previous week, which stands at € 3.4 / kg. In the case of the prices of olive oil refined in origin in Spain, it stood at € 1.67 / kg, which was 15% compared to the previous season.