Study of the efficacy of olive polyphenols on COVID-19

  The University Hospital of Jaén will initiate an analysis that will assess the importance of a food supplement based on an extract of olive polyphenols to analyze the progression of COVID-19 infection. The study is based on 60 people older than 60 years, which is a part of the population that contains an increased risk of this disease. The main investigator of the study is Sergio Granados, who has pointed out that there are important components that are present in the olive that have healthy properties that can be beneficial for consumption. These anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, antioxidant and antiviral properties, therefore, may lead one to think that they may be beneficial for COVID-19. The study focuses on the first phase of infection, from when the first symptoms appear and when a positive by the PCR test is shown. The number of patients, both mild and severe, will be explored, measuring all the factors that would be behind this aggravation. This study could be very interesting and of the few studies in Spain in which the virus COVID-19 and diet are related and while waiting for a vaccine, the prevention and control of the virus is of great importance.