Tunisia: 65% decrease in production in 2020/21

  The National Oil Office (ONH) has estimated that for the 20/21 campaign, oil production will be reduced by around 65% of all production, compared to the record season that was 19/20 . During the latter, Tunisia has been the leader in exports of EVOO by volume and a great partner of the EU today and for the coming years, since negotiations are on the table to expand its exports to the EU. Although Tunisia is not a large producer of EVOO, since its production represents 12% of the total, it has been on the move to expand its presence in the international market, being a very important partner for Canada and the United States. Likewise, the National Agricultural Observatory (ONAGRI) published a very interesting study which indicates that the international olive oil market has experienced a serious imbalance between supply and demand, thus causing a drop in prices in consecutive campaigns (2018/19 and 2019 /20). Also, the study refers to the high stock that exists and that may continue to harm the price of EVOO, making it more difficult to recover the price.