USA increases its exports

  In the 2018/19 campaign, imports of olive oil increased considerably in the United States, up to 12%, reaching more than 340,000 tons. With this, the United States represents 36% of total world imports of olive oil. In second place, and with a long distance from the first place, is the European Union with 15% and in third place is Brazil with 8% of total world imports. Considering all the products derived from olive, such as olive-pomace oil, the United States imported more than 350,000 tons in the 2018/19 campaign. In the last campaigns, Italy and Spain have distributed more than 74% of all world exports. Specifically, Italy was ahead of Spain until the 2014/15 campaign. In 2015/16, Spain became the main exporter of olive oil in the world, in which that same year it exported more than 150,000 tons to the United States. The products that have been most exported to the United States have been high quality oil, both virgin and extra virgin olive oil, by 73%, so we can see that the United States is committed to quality.