Use of olive pit

  The observatory that has made public the European Agrobioheat project, has obtained an inventory of more than 1,000 references with the energy use of agro-biomass in Europe. In this sense, there are different products that are used for energy use such as nut shells, vine shoots or olive pits, the latter widely used in the Mediterranean area. In Spain, about 800 references have been found which use one of the products that we have mentioned before. In the interactive map that you will find in the link below, we can see that in Spain there are more than 500 installations of which the olive stone is the preferred fuel with more than 400 cases, followed by the shell of nuts with 70 installations . Where the olive pit is most consumed are in the same mills, which is where it is extracted. They are also used as the central heating of blocks of houses or farms. The use of these biomass fuels is being very popular, with 48 olive stone producers in our country. Vine shoots are also on the rise, which generates around 2 million tons and in the case of nut shells, half a million. Biomass facilities are mostly located in the southern half of Spain. Next we will leave the link of the interactive map: And in another link our PH deboner which is the one that produces the best bone in the entire market: