Worldwide VOO production

  In the 19/20 campaign, the world production of VOO (Virgin Olive Oil) stood at more than 1,980,000 tons, 12% less than in the same period of the previous campaign (18/19) which stood in more than 2,260,000 tons. Making a simple study by countries, Spanish production has been the most affected of all its neighboring countries, since it has decreased by 31% to 1,230,000 tons of VOO. In the case of Greece, it has increased by 56% to 290,000 tons. Portugal's production has also increased by 23% to around 123,500 tons. Finally, within this simple analysis, we have Italy that has the best figures with an increase of 85%, in which a total of 321,500 tons have been produced. In the case of Spanish imports, a total of 135,000 tons of VOO have been imports, 9% more than in the same period of the previous year. These imports have been divided into a total of 45,000 tons imported from member states of the European Union, which have increased by 14%. The other 90,000 tons have been imported from third countries in which they have increased by 7%. In the case of Spanish exports, 875,000 tons of VOO have been exported, which is 15% less than the same period of the previous year. Making the same division as in imports, the member countries of the European Union have imported 585,000 tons of Spanish VOO, which is 14% less. In the case of third countries, there has been a decrease of 18% compared to the same period of the previous year with a total of 290,000 tons. In conclusion, Spain has had a great decrease in its production and also in exports, and more compared to the previous year. Also if we compare it´s production with neighboring countries, it has suffered the most. Because of the decrease in Spanish production world production of VOO has decreased but thanks to the increase in production of other countries the decrease in world production has been minimal. It´s important to keep in mind that these are estimates that Brussels has made which I think are close to reality, but it must be confirmed with final figures.